1. Description of the methods

Much more documentation to come...

TO DO: here we will put a high level description of the various tools that exist here, perhaps with some pictures and such. We will describe why we used certain tools and approaches / how other approaches fell short / what kinds of problems certain steps are trying to solve. Perhaps some links to papers and such. Kind of a mini-methods paper here.

1.1. Viral genome analysis

De novo assembly, reference assisted assembly improvements, gene annotaion, species-level variation, within-host variation, etc.

1.2. Taxonomic read filtration

Especially human read depletion (prior to submission to NCBI SRA). But also the part where we restrict to a particular taxa of interest (the species you’re studying).

1.3. Taxonomic read identification

Nothing much here at the moment. That comes later, but we will later integrate it when it’s ready.